Our Dogs

Even though I didn't get my first aussie till 1999, dogs were always in our household. As a child my parents raised and showed basenjis. As I grew older, I enjoyed doing basic training on all my friends dogs. I got a sheltie, Toby, in my early twenties and started some obedience with him. After going to an obedience trial as a novice and receiving a High in Trial, I was bitten with the showing bug. When I got married twenty some odd years ago, my husband's wedding gift to me was a beautiful rottweiler puppy I called Raven. She became my best buddy. With her, I entered the world of conformation. My husband also had a rottweiler, Bear. I started showing both of them. Learning the ins and out of the conformation world was a real challenge. We retired Bear due to hip dyplasia but showed Raven to several points. I ended up putting Raven's show career on hold when my first child came along. I never made it back to the ring when child number two and three were born. Raven passed over the rainbow bridge in 1998 after 13 devoted years. I miss her to this day.

In 1999, I was introduced to Heidi Mobley of Western Hills Aussies. She showed me this cute little black tri female, Cricket, she had available. Little did I know this would end up starting my love for aussies and a very special friendship. Since getting Cricket and my other aussie buddies, I have showed in conformation, agility, some stock and now starting rally. As my kids are now young adults and busy with life, my aussies give me the outlet I want. I go to shows year around. My human kids still get my priority with my time, but I'm finding I am able to balance both an active dog show life and home.

At Risin Moon we try to show all the aspects of our aussies. With aussies being such a versatile breed, we do our best to show our aussies to the maximum of their potential and keeping in mind the overall health of our breed.

Donna Wattenbarger, North Richland Hills, TX